• lianggong steel formwork for pier formwork

    lianggong steel formwork for pier formwork

    Lianggong Steel Formwork is strong and durable.Therefore it can be reused many times in construction.It is easy to assemble and erect.With fixed shape and structure, it is extremely suitable to apply to the construction for which much quantity of same-shaped structure is required, such as high ri...
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  • Reorders from old customers

    Reorders from old customers

    Recently the price of raw materials continues to go down, which is the best time for many old customers to reorder, recently we have received a lot of orders from Canada, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Below is one of the Canada customers, they ordered plasti...
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  • News Flash Table Formwork

    News Flash Table Formwork

    Lianggong Table formwork Table formwork is a kind of formwork that used for floor pouring , used widely in high-rise building , multi-level factory building , underground structure etc. During the construction, after the pouring completion, table formwork sets can be lif...
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  • Lianggong Plastic Formwork

    Lianggong Plastic Formwork

    This month, we got some orders for plastic formwork, such Belize, Canada, Tonga and Indonesia. The products including inner angle formwork, outer angle formwork, wall formwork and some accessories, such as handle, washer, tie rod, wing nut, big plate nut, cone, waler, PV...
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  • Aluminium Frame Panel Formwork

    Aluminium Frame Panel Formwork

    The aluminum frame panel formwork is a modular and stereotyped formwork. It has the characteristics of light weight, strong versatility, good formwork rigidity, flat surface, technical support and complete accessories. The turnover of the formwork panel is 30 to 40 times. The turnover of the alum...
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  • Flash H20 timber beam formwork system

    Flash H20 timber beam formwork system

    Lianggong H20 timber beam formwork system Timber beam formwork Timber Beam Wall Formwork Timber beam straight wall formwork is mainly used for casting walls.The use of formworks speeds up construction greatly,shortens work period,reduces construction cost,and facilitate...
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  • Tecon products ready to ship

    Tecon products ready to ship

    We are one of the leading formwork and scaffolding system manufacturers in China for over 10 years, as a well-established company in construction formwork field, Lianggong has been devoted itself and specialized in formwork and scaffolding research, development, manufacturing, and labor service. ...
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  • Leading Manufacturer in China – Lianggong Formwork

    Leading Manufacturer in China – Lianggong Formwork

    Yancheng Lianggong Formwork Co., Ltd, founded in 2010, is a pioneer manufacturer mainly engaged in the production and sales of formwork system & scaffolding. Thanks to 11 years of abundant factory experience, Lianggong has won high praise from customers both home and...
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  • News Flash Plastic Round Formwork

    News Flash Plastic Round Formwork

    In particular, the plastic formworks offered by LIANGGONG are suitable for concrete columns, pillars, walls and foundations directly onsite. Their modularity allows to satisfy every construction and planning needs; columns and pillars of different shapes and dimensions, walls and foundations of d...
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  • Shifting Trolley

    Shifting Trolley

    Lianggong is a manufacture for formwork and scaffolding with more than 14 years experience, we also have our technology team, can free design to your project with our products.  Lianggong shifting trolley is used for the overall transportation of the formwork in the horizontal direction, allowing...
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  • Lianggong H20 Timber Beam Formwork Systems and Scaffolding Shipping to Russia

    Lianggong H20 Timber Beam Formwork Systems and Scaffolding Shipping to Russia

    April 27, we Lianggong Formwork shipped two containers of fomwork systems to Russia.   The products including H20 timber beams, plywoods, steel walers, lifting hooks, cantiliver climbing brackets, ringlock scaffoldings and some accessories, such as bolts and nuts ,climbing cones, tie rods, wing n...
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  • An Introduction of H20 Timber Beam

    An Introduction of H20 Timber Beam

    H20 timber beam plays a vital role in the international construction formwork system with its unique features such as light-weight, high strength, good linearity, not easy to deformation, excellent resistance to water and alkalinity on the surface etc. At present, Yanche...
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